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Eric makes visible the interior. He creates strong images in his work that express complicated inner material... Eric's use of language is direct, clear, raw, and many times very funny.

Professor Rasmussen

A reliably conscientious writer-someone who can be counted on not just to dot all the i's and cross all the t's, but to research, crosscheck, verify, investigate, and then think deeply about the ramifications of a subject.

Professor Liming

I suspect some, on first meeting Eric, would make assumptions about him. He seems quiet, mild-mannered. And then, one reads his work. Always surprising, often hilarious. His stories are populated with absurd people and situations that can make readers realize more about the absurdness in their own lives.

Professor McCaffrey

Eric's an American original. Eric's a drop-dead-funny-one-of-a-kind-verbal magician. Eric has Mojo: not only does he march to a different drummer, as Thoreau would say, but he's prepared to make his own drum... I have no doubt that he'll go out into the Wide World and find Higher Ground. Yes, Eric will find Higher Ground, and he'll take us all with him.

Professor Ellefson

Project Nautilus

On Eric's final two semesters at Champlain College, he had the amazing experience to work with a group of over 20 talented people as the lead writer on a game called Project Nautilus by Isthmus Studios.


You control a remotely piloted drone for the mega corporation, Isthmus, tasked with diving into Site 09 and finding out what lays in the abyss


Throughout the game you will receive emails from characters all with secrets of their own

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